Guildford Guidebook

The attractions page lists all of the key attractions in Guildford, in three categories: scenic attractions, day time / family activities and night life.

Scenic attractions: There are many beautiful places to visit n Guildford. The town is renowned for it’s rolling hills, castles,and gardens, which are great to visit or walk across.

Day time / family activities: Guildford has any number of day time activities, whether for friends or family. There is plentiful shopping, entertainment (such as cinemas and theatres) and also galleries and, of course, Guilfest.

Night life: Guildford also has a bustling night life. There are many clubs, pubs and bars that provide entertainment into the early hours. Also, Guildford’s student night is on a Monday, so there will be cheaper drinks available all night!


At the moment this page contains photographs of Guildford town and the highstreets. They will soon be joined by photographs of other attractions in and around Guildford, such as Guildford Castle.


The ‘Reviews’ page contains quotes about, or with relevance to, Guildford, by people such as William Cobbett, Lewis Carroll and those living in Guildford.

Although this is not the most serious page on the Guildford Guidebook website, it gives an interesting insight to different views of Guildford.

Image taken from the William Cobbett Wikipedia page,

Guildford’s History

If you’re looking for some simple facts and figures, then look no further than the history page.

On the ‘Guildford’s History’ page, you can find a short timeline of Guildford’s key events, ranging from 978 to 2012. This includes figures such as population, and important dates regarding the construction of buildings.

Image taken from the Lewis Carroll Wikipedia page.

Lewis Carrol William Cobbett A photograph of a signpost in Guildford pointing towards the Electric Theatre and Town Centre. A photo of a signpost in Guildford pointing towards the Boat House.